Too Hopeless for God to Use?

The next time you feel God can’t use you, just remember – 

Physical limitations are no excuse:

[] Abraham was truly old
[] Jeremiah and Timothy were very young
[] Zacchaeus was really small
[] Leah was considered to be ugly
[] Moses had a stammer
[] Timothy had a weak constitution 

Psychological limitations are no excuse:

[] Gideon was afraid
[] Martha worried about everything
[] Elijah felt suicidal
[] Isaac was a daydreamer
[] Jesus’ three closest disciples fell asleep while praying 

Social limitations are no excuse:

[] Joseph had been abused
[] Naomi was a widow
[] Lazarus was dead and buried 

Past failures are no excuse:

[] Rahab had been a prostitute
[] David had an affair and had arranged a murder
[] The woman Jesus met at Sychar’s well had been divorced several times
[] Job went bankrupt
[] Saul of Tarsus was a religious fanatic 

Ministry disasters are no excuse:

[] Isaiah preached in his underwear
[] Jonah ran from God
[] Peter denied Christ

And we could think of even more excuses:

[] Samson had long hair and was a womaniser
[] Noah got drunk
[] Jacob was a liar

So what’s your excuse?  God can still use you to your full potential. Why? Because:

  • you are ‘accepted in the Beloved’
  • you are not the Body of Christ but only a member; and
  • you aren’t the message, you are just the messenger

P.S. But none of the above is an excuse not to be transformed into his likeness!

You say, ‘Jesus loves me as I am’; but he loves you too much to leave you as you am!

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