Time Out

What shall we call those days
when we are given leave
to leave our work behind
and come alive?

Vacation: a period to vacate the home,
empty the appointments diary
and evacuate the mind
of daily cares.

Holidays: those holy days
set apart from routine duties
to celebrate the grace of God
in the joys of living.

Recreation: when once again
the Spirit of God hovers over
the waters that o’erwhelm us,
sheds light on life’s enigmas,
re-orders our chaotic world
and breathes his life
into our earthly clay –
all in six days, so that
we may truly rest
in his shabat.

Don’t fall apart;
take a break
from time to time
– time off, time out –
to get yourself together
and, revived by God,
press on.

Hugh Thompson (l8.8.98)
Shabat – Hebrew for Sabbath, meaning rest.

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