While engaged in very active worship at King’s Church,
Birkenhead on Sunday morning, February 13, 2000,
Julie Rice, who had recently shorn her long tresses for
a new millennium hair-style,
collapsed without warning, going straight home to
the presence of the Lord she loved.

Her new-look coiffure captivates the King,
delighting in her joyous, child-like ways
among the young – her song-and-dancing praise,
her energetic flag-and-banner-waving.

‘Arise with me, my love, prepare to dine
within my royal banquet hall. Please haste,
that not a precious moment we should waste –
already ’tis the Eve of Valentine.’

She danced from church to glory straightaway.
Finding no chance – so swiftly did she go –
to call out, ‘See you later, cheerio!’
she dropped upon the floor her cloak of clay.

In Julie’s mid-life prime, her Sovereign chose
to pluck his open, fragrant, love-bloom rose.

Hugh Thompson , 16 February, 2000

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