Short and sweet

The phrase ‘short and sweet’ is generally used about some event that took place briefly yet was most enjoyable. We could also apply the expression to some individuals of short stature who are very likeable. I’ve recently written a blog that described the singer Elaine Page as just such a person.

Another tiny songster who also told her lifestory on television is Dolly Parton from ‘across the pond’. She recently  lit up the stage at the famous Glastonbury Festival in the UK. What brought tears to my eyes was on learning of her childhood story of life in her rural home in the mountains . She had turned up at school in a patchwork dress of rags stitched together by her mother, as recorded in her famous song: ‘My coat of many colours that Mama made for me’. She was proud of that garment despite the endess jokes and giggles of her classmates.

The original ‘coat of many colours’

The song was based, of course, on the Bible story of Joseph’s outer garment designed by his father, Jacob, to honour him over his many elder brothers! (Genesis 37:1-36). In the margin of my Bible it tells me that the Hebrew description of Joseph’s coat is uncertain. Some translate it as ‘a coat with sleeves’. However, the story is still best known as multicoloured, as narrated in Dolly’s  mother’s King James Version. And, like Joseph, Dolly was born itno a very large family.

On hearing Dolly’s story I was reminded of my first pair of long trousers when I had entered my teens while I was in high school. They were an uncle’s hand-me-downs that had previously been known as ‘a pair of bags’ for the obvious reason of their wide flapping legs. I too felt so proud of those grown-up leg coverings that also got ridiculed at school, even by one of my teachers! How was I to know that tight-fitting trousers would become ‘the in thing’ in subsequent decades, whether worn by male or female persons, young or old?

Neither fame nor fortune is what matter most

Dolly also has a vast array of blond wigs and rhinestone-embroidered outfits. She didn’t deny that she’s earned a fortune, much of it donated to charities. As she admitted on camera, ‘It costs a lot to look this cheap!’ But, of course, neither fame nor fortune is needed to make short people robust and radiant. The ones I know are God-fearing, stable, down-to-earth characters that beaver away out of the glare of the limelight.

P.S. No, I never made a financial fortune nor achieved worldwide fame, but I have gained a great sense of purpose in the life and ministry that the good Lord gave me and enabled me to carry out. And . . . my pen continues the ministry . . .

Are you one of the Lord’s ‘godly lovers’?

As I read this morning: ‘Praise . . . the name of the Lord . . . His stunning splendour ascends higher than the heavens. He anoints his people with strength and authority, showing his great favour to all his godly lovers. . .  so close to his heart. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!’ (Psalm 148:10-14, the Passion Translation).

I am sure the godly prayers of Dolly’s Mama held the key to all that unfolded for her throughout her subsequent decades.

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