Ripples as they race across the lake
Extend the impact of one pebble’s splash.
Vibrating waves of sound a goblet smash –
Explosive damage one clear note can make.
Regimented marchers’ tread will break
Bridges built of stone – as tidal crash
Erases sand towers’ grandeur in one dash –
Resistance razed by unexpected quake.
A Jericho’s cracked by faith’s united shout –
The shout from Israel’s camp, to Balaam’s ear,
Is of a king amidst his men of war.
Our King from ‘Alcatraz’  has broken out!
No bastion of hell can long withstand
Songs and tread of Jesus’ marching band.      

With measured steps in disciplined array 

Let’s praise and pray, and raise a sure hooray! 

Hugh Thompson
2 August 2000

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