God has no unwanted children

On Sunday

I gave my testimony in church of how God can emphasize something different from the same passage of Scripture that happens to occur in one’s daily discipline of reading his word systematically. I told how on one occasion he had confirmed from Jeremiah 1:5 that he had called me to start to travel abroad in ministry to the nations.

Another time, when I was suffering depression and feeling I was a failure in ministry, he confirmed that he had called me to be a prophet to the nations’, and showed me that most of his prophets whose ministry was recorded in the Bible had also felt inadequate.

And from James 1:18 God had assured me on another occasion that it was not only Jeremiah whom he had chosen to be his prophet ‘before I formed you in your mother’s womb’, because ‘Of his own will be begot’ all his spiritual children, who had to be born naturally (even as, in my case, due to an unmarried mother’s lustful indiscipline, or even being an unwilling victim of rape) – so that one day they could be born again of the Spirit.

On Monday

The next day I typed out my scribbled notes from the day before. After sending them to my good friend Ian at the other end of England, I phoned him to ask after his welfare – as he suffers from spinal problems – and to tell him my blog had just gone from my computer to his. He said that, of the hundreds of biblical blogs of mine that he had posted on my website, he had glanced through many of them, but rarely read them word for word from start to finish.

On Tuesday

So I was quite surprised to receive an email from him next day telling me that he had read my entire blog, and that the last line had caused him to weep profusely. That punchline did the trick: God has no unwanted children! ‘That’s just how I’ve been feeling for a long time,’ he admitted.

Ian’s late father and his deceased elder brother had both served the Lord as church pastors. He himself had worked in senior management in the motor trade but had served faithfully over the years with a broadcast video camera filming sermons, testimonies, and productions for Christian TV and established a video/TV Training School. However, he had been church-less for some time for reasons outside of his control. These experience had a severe impact along with his serious, medical, life changing conditions. Feeling he had been unjustly maligned had been an incredible price of loneliness and a sense of rejection – his wages for standing up for righteousness. It all seemed so unfair. But on reading that God has no unwanted children! had restored his sense of closeness to the Lord. He was, after all, one of God’s much wanted children.

From Wednesday onwards . . .  the sky’s the limit!

A response to the blog “A testimony about the Christian discipline of Bible meditation”

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