At Home

A street address alone
does not constitute a home;
a mindset it may be –
and even more…

My home is:
where my heart resides,
where my values are secure;
where I may put my feet up
and smile ‘So what?’
where I can put my foot down
and scowl ‘No way!’
where my full range of emotions
can be trusted to range free
and display themselves
in the kaleidoscopic features
of my liquid crystal dial.

Home is belonging:
where my heart abides among
what and whom I call my own –
those with whom I have no need
either to explain myself,
or excuse myself;
with whom I may
enjoy myself, and
from time to time
engage myself
in secret conversations that
exclude even them.

Home offers a facility
for faith and hope with charity
in day by day simplicity
injected with variety.

To be comfortable with God
(whether he is felt or unperceived)
and with his people
(both when present and when absent)
is truly to find oneself
at home.

Hugh Thompson (10.8.98)

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