By way of explanation (Preface to my ‘blogs’) 

            Why do I blog?

After I retired from church leadership at the age of 70 (and soon after from world-travelling ministry) I still kept seeing fresh wonders in the Bible that I wanted to share with others – especially with teachers of God’s word. A colleague advised me: ‘Just write it all down. Someone will publish it.’ And I have done so regularly over the following ten years or so as topics seemed to present themselves for study.

            How do I blog?

I decided to limit each ‘blog’ to one A4 page in print-out format – as a good discipline against rambling on! ‘In the new format on line these limitations need not apply in every case, of course.’

            What do I blog?

I have carefully studied, and thoughtfully mused upon the entire range of the holy Scriptures throughout my life. They are inexhaustible and always relevant. The Bible offers kaleidoscopic wonders when handled with sensitivity, and I keep finding fresh, inspiring interaction of one part of Scripture with others. Even the apparent contradictions of one passage against another will always reveal edifying agreement when approached humbly and prayerfully.

Then there are ‘proof texts’ popularly bandied about that Christians have tended to read superficially, usually in isolation from their original context, but that refer to something quite different and meaningful when read accurately.

Some subjects have been given repeated attention in this collection. However, even a short index of frequently occurring words cannot give a true perspective because I have used many synonyms for any single topic. Probably my most considered topic is the Lord’s Supper because, during the years I was writing them,, in church we would ‘break bread’ every week, and several of our members took our turn to introduce and serve the communion meal, my privilege occurring quite often through the course of each year. I have afterwards filled out most of my brief introductory remarks to a full page study – resulting in many blogs on this theme.

            Bon appétit! 

The majority are meal-sized studies, and I hope that each reader will consume one meal at a time, considering all the Bible references supplied until the food is adequately digested.  Just a few are more like a mid-morning snack, being a parable – a simple story illustrating one straightforward lesson.  And a few have autobiographical details, giving the reader some idea of who I am.

  (Spring 2017)